Through 2019, two young British adventurists, Rob Nichols and Harry Horner, cycled more than 22,000 KM East to the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ in order to raise £22,000 to install solar power for the Lotus Children’s Centre in Mongolia.

 (100% goes to the charity)

  • 22,000km cycled of 22,000km
  • £30,261 raised of £22k goal


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THE PLAN at Lotus

Having witnessed the love and determination of those working at Lotus on a previous visit, we will support their commitment with a gesture of our own. Through your donations, we plan to fund a Solar PV and Solar Thermal system to replace a dirty coal burner for this established and life saving charity.

Develop sustainable solar energy nearby the world’s most polluted city. We will make a statement to all, near and far, of what our planet needs.

Release vital funds for children’s health, welfare and education. Together let’s give them a brighter future.


Harry will be riding the full width of the Eurasian land mass: starting on Dingle Head in the far West Coast of Ireland on the 15th of Feb, meeting Rob in Istanbul, stopping by the Lotus Children’s Centre in Mongolia, and then finishing in Japan’s North-Eastern Island of Hokkaido at the end of the year. 

All in all, the total cycled distance is around 22,000 km. A pound sterling for every kilometre, and we estimate that Lotus can be near-self sustaining for heat and electricity. We have an agreed corporate donor that will double our fundraising for the first £5K, so every pound you give at the start means two in Mongolia! 

We will be staying in a tent, on the sofas of kind strangers, maybe even on the beds of friends, and friends-of-friends twice removed. If you know welcoming people on, or remotely near our route, who could be interested in hosting or helping us in any way, please get in touch. Turn a roll-mat into a mattress!


Founded in 1995 by Didi Ananda Kalika, the Lotus Children’s Centre has been up and running for over 20 years. Didi (meaning ‘Sister’) trained with Ananda Marga as a yoga and meditation teacher. She came to Mongolia in the early 90’s to teach, and was immediately moved by the plight of the children on the streets of Ulaanbaatar. Starting from a single apartment, Lotus has grown and now has housed, fed, cared for and educated hundreds of children. The age of the children in the centre today care today ranges from a few months old up to 18 years.

Initially Lotus provided the most basic care for abused, abandoned or orphaned children. Now Lotus targets a good education, independence and life skills training to secondary school children, as well as continuing to provide primary care. In Mongolia family links are all important in growing-up and becoming an adult. These links are used to find work and accommodation, to fund university and for every kind of support. Orphans in Mongolia receive next to no help from the government after turning 18. Lotus focuses on ensuring that the children, who have lived in care since they were babies, have the best chance at life. Lotus endeavours to support them into young adulthood, much like a normal family.

Learn here about the Lotus’s first steps, 22 years ago Didi (Gabrielle Dowling) began helping young street girls by giving them advice and protection.