This project is in response to the 2015 RSA Fair Share brief - ‘Design a way to keep the sharing economy fair so more people participate’. The concept was presented in the competition final.


Recognising trust as the key to increasing participation, we conceived of the Karma® impartial verified rating system. Each Karma® user is assigned a rating that functions as an online passport across multiple platforms within the sharing economy. Positive performance results in a positive Karma® rating, clearly highlighting trustworthy users. This rating moves with the individual user from platform to platform, governing interactions.

Although the Karma® system could function as a legitimate solution, we found it more rewarding and engaging to instead look at the hypothetical future of 2025 in which Karma® has been fully implemented. Through exploration of dystopian, authoritarian branding it aims to satirically highlight the potential Orwellian implications that such a system would impose.

Brand colours

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